Peace of Mind

While many people are nervous about the prospect of having themselves or their child asleep for dental work, you can be assured that modern techniques and our expert team allow for an extremely safe anesthetic. The anesthesiologist has only the patient’s safety and comfort in mind. A complete compliment of emergency management medications and supplies are readily available to the anesthesia team throughout the course of the anesthetic and recovery, as is the knowledge necessary to utilize them if required.

Experienced Doctors

Our anesthesiologists are recognized specialists in their field and have treated tens of thousands of pediatric and adult patients. As a group we maintain the highest standards of the profession, including several doctors that are experienced board examiners and international lecturers. Our doctors rely on this experience and education and so can you.
There are several factors that the anesthesiologist will take into consideration when developing a plan for your or your child’s anesthetic. First and foremost is the patient himself. A thorough medical history will be obtained and a physical exam will be conducted by the anesthesiologist. Frequently our doctors will recommend a physical be obtained from the patient’s primary care physician. Expert consultations from specialists may also be obtained to make sure the anesthesia plan is adapted perfectly for each individual patient. This “team” approach takes advantage of the knowledge and expertise of each of our patient’s healthcare providers.

Expert Pediatric Care

Sometimes a child may not be able to be treated while awake or under conscious sedation, whether due to their young age, fear, anxiety, or extensive amount of treatment. For these patients, the child’s dentist may recommend the option of general anesthesia. Children require extra special care whenever they receive dental treatment, and placing them under anesthesia is no exception. But rest assured that your child is in the best possible care when being sedated by one of our dentist anesthesiologists. It is not uncommon for children as young as one-year-old to need extensive dental treatment. Anesthesia can be safely administered to these young patients by one of our expert anesthesia providers. Although, typically, the parent is not allowed to stay with the child while he or she is under general anesthesia, the child will be under the direct supervision of the anesthesiologist throughout their entire anesthetic.

Patient Comfort

The reasons for wanting to sleep through a dental procedure are as varied as there are patients. Whether there is an extensive surgical procedure being done where local anesthesia alone will not be adequate to assure the patient’s comfort or a patient is just too anxious to receive any treatment at all there can be an anesthetic plan tailored to fit. Typically, an adult patient will have their anesthesia/sedation administered through an IV. The depth of anesthesia can vary anywhere from a mild sedation, just enough to take the edge off for a nervous patient, to full general anesthesia, or somewhere in between. After consulting with you and your dentist our anesthesiologist will better be able to find that perfect plan for YOU!

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